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Ray campaign response to DSM Register Iowa Poll

My campaign agrees wholeheartedly with the statement issued below by Brent Roske, independent candidate for governor of Iowa, just last night.

If the DSM Register Iowa Poll has any true meaning it would lay in the fact that there is an increasing movement by Iowa's electorate that desire a new brand of leadership and, with 13 declared candidates, including the governor, and just under 6 months of campaigning before the June 5 primary, voters have choices among several parties to choose a new leader and depart from decades of the same governing philosophy, something I've been hearing from many across the state, including Republicans, which they'd like to see.

I am trying to be positive and promote the real issues that need addressed in Iowa that have been handled recklessly, in some instances, and ignored most of the time. From mental health and Medicaid issues to supporting our public employees and being pro-law enforcement, to ensuring Iowa's government decisions are made in the best interest of Iowans and NOT to special interests, the establishment and its big political machine dominated by big dollars.

Many voters, including many independent voters, could go to the polls June 5 and declare to vote on any party ballot to make a difference for whatever positive change they are seeking. Iowa Republican leaders should take heed that underlying movements may pose a serious threat to the GOP's hold on the governor's office. In fact, even if voters still choose Governor Reynolds as the Republican nominee, I believe strongly she could be quite vulnerable to one of the current Democratic nominees in the general election next November considering the mood and the fluid potential of voters desiring a need to change leadership

I am the only non-establishment GOP candidate for governor, one who will work for Iowans and will not have special interests guiding my policies. If Republicans want a chance at positive, effective leadership and maintaining control of the governor's seat, they should take the remaining months looking at the one candidate that has the experience in government on the front lines, understands what real Iowans want and, most importantly, possesses the personality and record of working well with all types of people and ideologies to come to a consensus of good, commonsense government for our state and the people who desire such.

This election is not over, nor decided yet, as a result of any poll. If you want true leadership, voters have choices. I hope you look seriously at the other options available and I hope I can count on you to support what I can offer to serve you as the next governor of Iowa. I will have all new state executive branch leaders with those best and brightest people working hard with me to bring the very best to ALL Iowans and instill confidence in a stronger future for our beloved state.


"Statement on the Des Moines Register's new Iowa Poll on the governor's race earlier tonight:

'The Des Moines Register released their Iowa Poll tonight on the Iowa Governor's race but it was embarrassingly incomplete, forgetting 6 of the declared candidates that were invited and attended the candidate event on mental health the same publication sponsored earlier this week. Every candidate's awareness numbers in tonight's published poll were low, which is surprising with all the money and time that's been spent. I'll be commissioning a new poll to include all 12 candidates. This new poll will show that all the candidates have virtually the same level of awareness to the Iowa voter and that this race is wide open. It's also about fairness. All 12 have filled out the forms, put our names on the line and shown up as candidates. The results will speak for themselves - good and bad - but it's not up to one publication to put forth some names and not all (mistake or not), deciding how democracy is shown to the voters. A team who shows up to the game at least gets their name on the scoreboard and intentional omissions like tonight's will erode the legitimacy of the Iowa Poll.'

Brent Roske
Candidate for Governor of Iowa
Paid for by Roske For Iowa


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